May 2023 MHAA Star Party

  • June 16, 2023
  • Lake Taghkanic State Park

Enjoy the night sky away from the bright lights of the towns and cities in our area! The night will be dark – perfect for star gazing. Bring your own telescopes and binoculars or use those provided by our members. A telescope is not required.Telescope operators will arrive about 30 minutes early to set up. Observing begins about an hour after sunset and will probably end around 11, or whenever club members decide. All will take place at the park’s West Beach parking lot.You must RSVP with your car’s make, model, and license plate number at least one day beforehand. This info is required by and sent to the State Park authorities because we are there after park hours. If you attend without being on the list and the police show up, the consequences can include revocation of our permit for after hours use.PLEASE be CERTAIN to check for any possible event updates (postponement, cancellation) in email and messages BEFORE driving to the park! We will not usually post updates if the weather is acceptable, but will ALWAYS post information if it does not look good!Please review our guide to star party etiquette if you have not been to one of our star parties before: can see the Clear Sky Chart for Lake Taghkanic State Park at It shows various viewing conditions (cloud cover, transparency, darkness) as well as temperature, wind, etc.Note: Winter and late Fall viewing conditions can be very clear – but also very cold. Since you will be standing around looking at the stars for a while you may feel even colder than otherwise when outdoors. Dress warmly and consider bringing extra layers in case you get colder as the night goes on.For further information, text/call Tim Denman at 845-245-5483 or Jack Chastain at 845-430-6851.



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Lake Taghkanic State Park, Ancram, NY 12502

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What is the etiquette at a Star Party?

You can review general star party etiquette here:


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  • Time : 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm (America/New_York)