Register to stargaze inside the Taghkanic State Park after dark

The MHAA pays for a Stargazing Permit at the Taghkanic State Park each year so we can host events after closing hours. The permit also allows official paid MHAA members to stargaze in the park on their own any night they'd like, and to enter the park for no additional fee when doing so. Simply use the form below to submit your information to the TSP office 12+ hours before a visit and display the MHAA Stargazing Permit on your dashboard.

If the gate booths are manned when you enter the park, you should be able to show them the permit to enter for free. Gate booths are generally manned Memorial Day through Labor Day and close at 5PM on weekdays, 6PM on weekends and holidays.

Note: This form is only for arranging individual visits. Guest information and RSVPs for Star Parties and other official MHAA hosted events at the park will continue to be collected and managed through the respective Meetup events.

This feature is only available to paid MHAA members.

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