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Special Website Roles for Officer User IDs

Unique website roles with additional permissions need to be granted to the user IDs of members elected to various administrative club positions. These roles allow the ID to access plugins and perform actions unique to their station that other users don’t need permission to.

By default, the webmaster needs full unrestricted access to the entire MHAA website, including access to everything every other role has permission to on the site. All other roles have more restrictive permissions to make sure the owner of each club duty is clear and auditable. The Secretary handles all of the Newsletter activity in the Newsletter plugin and the Treasurer handles all activity in the membership and payment management plugin.

Note that these permissions do not extend beyond the website itself. The Webmaster must work with the Treasurer to get the API keys etc from the MHAA PayPal account that tie into the member management plugin to enable payments through our site. But the Webmaster does not get granted so much access (if any, depending on how capable the Treasurer is to locate the required API info on their own) to the PayPal account that they could move funds, a Treasurer responsibility.

The Newsletter plugin, on the other hand, is entirely maintained within the MHAA website and therefore the webmaster has full control of the plugin while the Secretary who creates and sends the newsletters may be limited to only that activity within the plugin or have full control as well, depending on how granular the plugin’s user-based permissions are.

See the About Us page for the current list of members holding elected positions.

Elected positions and the special website roles they require

Elected PositionWebsite Roles
Vice Presidentvice_president

The permissions to website features granted by each role

Website RolePermissions
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