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Star Parties

NY state currently (October 2021) allows for outdoor gatherings of up to a few thousand people given the ability to maintain social distance. Historically, we rarely have more than 50 attendees. Masking is not currently required while outside.

General courteous mindfulness applies the same as ever; be mindful of the people's personal space while conversing, moving between telescopes, or waiting to look through a telescope, etc. And if you need to cough/sneeze, please do so into your elbow.

In-person Meetings

Because our in-person meetings take place on the SUNY New Paltz campus, we will adhere to the current NY state and university covid-19 rules in effect at the time. This may change from one meeting to another and may include masking, social distancing, and limits on the size of our gatherings.

As of early October 2021 we continue to solely hold remote meetings over Zoom. Once we return to in-person meetings we will document and communicating the current rules. We also anticipate that we will stream the in-person meetings live over Zoom.

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